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Birders Develop Avian Friendships with Backyard Birds

Nesting Black Vulture Protected from Eviction

Real Bird Droppings Offer Clues to Vanishing Birds

Cats & Birds Do Not Mix 

Which Are You, Birdwatcher or Birder? 

First to the Feeder, Bird or Raider?

“The Bluebird Effect”, A Bird Lover’s Essays

Red Feathered Birds More Likely to get Cataracts



Wild Turkeys Enjoy Fire Escapes in Manhattan

1500 Bird Species Gone Extinct Since 1500

Pet Store Owner Becomes Chicken Matchmaker

Scrub Jays Bring Splash of Color

Photographing Birds in Washington

Time to Put out Hummingbird Feeders in Charlotte

First Scarlett Tanager Wows Georgia

Fill Garden With Seed Producing Plants for Birds


The Gray Catbird Lives Blissfully in Detroit

Attracting the Finer Feathered Friends Takes a Different Approach

Homing Pigeons, Explaining Their Sense of Direction

Birds & Blades, Condors Vs. Wind Turbines

Happiness Right Outside Your Windows

The White Throated Sparrow

Man Leaves $5000 to Wildlife Center

Bird Watching Catches the Eye of a President

Bird Platforms Now Open to the Public

Simple Fence in Hawaii Creates an Explosion of Wildlife

Bird Tape May Stop Window Strikes

Possible Solution to Pigeon Controls in Urban Areas


Spring Cleaning Includes Bird Feeders

Spring Birding in the Ozarks

The Mystery of Bird Navigation

Birds Have Arrived, One Man’s Observations

Painted Buntings in the South

Flocks of Birds Scares One Parent

Confessions of a Cardinal

Bird Watching Park Opens in Washington

Mapping Bird Populations Via Space Satellites

Feed the Birds…All Year Long


Bird Watching Addiction

How To Make Gourd Birdhouses

Fruit Trees for Wild Birds

What to do with Orphaned Baby Birds

How to Make Bird Feeders Using Plastic Bottles

Unique Study Allows Century of Bird Data

Denver Class on Backyard Chickens

Don’t Kill Birds With Kindness

Water Cutoff Leads to Bird Deaths

Farm Fresh from the Backyard Birds

Homeless Exotic Birds Take Flight

Newest Bird Photographs

Landscaper’s Backyard a Bird Haven

Keeping an Eye Open for Piping Plovers


Birds, Blooms & Butterflies

Red Birds Love to Flaunt Color

Nelson BC Has Bird Salmonella Fever

Grackles…Opportunistic Bullies in the Backyard

Bird Feeding is Akin to Social Media?

Birds of Prey Program Designed to Control Rodent Population

The Western Meadowlark


Red Winged Blackbirds Arrive in Corpus Christi

Canadian Birds Enjoy the Early Spring

DIY Upcycle Bird Feeders

Robins in Oregon

Birds Best Predictors of Seasons

For Hummingbirds….Fat is Beautiful

Rufous Hummingbirds Happy to Stick Around


Native Plants Bring Native Birds

Ah….The Chickadee

The Evening Grosbeak

Turkeys Gone Wild

Hawks Are Backyard Birds As Well

Birds are Slowly Adjusting to Climate Change

New Season, New Birds

Surprises Abound In Canadian Bird Count