A jay by any other name, these two cousins are very alike in many ways, yet completely different in others.

First, they are basically located on opposite coasts of the USA.  Blues to the east, scrubs to the west.  Scrubs are know to live in Mount Washington, west coast.  Blue jays are seen in Mount Washington, east coast.   Both enjoy the mountains and forests.  Both are numerous.  Both are fearless, adventurous, and inquisitive.  Both tend to monopolize bird feeders and bird baths.  Both have been characterized as “bullies” by many backyard birders.

The Scrub and Blue are both misunderstood, however.  Each one is a friend..a big brother or big sister to all the other wild bird species.  These sentinels announce danger to all, allowing birds and critters the time to scatter for cover.  These two species have been known to mob a predator in the sky, driving it away from the areas frequently used by other wild birds.

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Enjoy your birds!