Before you buy a shepherd’s hook pole system for your bird feeders, do your research.  If your only goal is to find any pole to hang any bird feeder on, then your choices are simple, buy the cheapest.  Most iron poles available in garden centers and discount department stores are multi-purpose poles.  They are made of standard iron grade materials designed to handle average weighted items such as hanging plants, wind chimes and small bird feeders.  They are usually 4-5ft in height with one or two arms at the top.  At the bottom, you might see a small piece of iron attached to the base.  This is supposed to provide stability for the pole system when in the ground.

However, as you may have already discovered, these thin iron poles bend under average-weighted plants and bird feeders.  The poles have a regular tendency to fall over, even in slight winds due to fact that the very small iron feet at the bottom really do not provide adequate stability at all.  In truth, you get what you paid for.  All-purpose poles try to please all tasks, but fail to provide specific tasks.

If your goal is to own a pole system for your bird feeders, look carefully at your iron pole choices.  A good pole system should be 5-6ft. tall.  The final height for any bird feeder should be 5ft. off the ground.  This is the standard comfort zone for feeding wild birds.  This height helps keep cats from reaching the bird feeder and provide the correct height for the proper squirrel baffles to work.

A shepherd’s hook iron pole system should allow you to remove the upper arms from the main shaft.  This will allow you to add extensions for greater height and, again, allow for the proper squirrel baffles to be attached to the main shaft without the interference of the arms in the way. 

At the bottom, the extra pieces of iron sticking out for stability should be large, at least 12 inches out and 12 inches down.  This will give you the needed structure in the ground for maximum stability.  

With a little effort and research, your hard-earned money will go towards the proper iron pole systems for your bird feeders and provide years of solid use.  Visit for the best bird feeder values and huge assortment. 

Enjoy your birds!