Around these neck of the woods, many homeowners are rushing spring just a little too much.  Yes, we have already lost most of the little snow cover this winter deposited on our backyards.  Yes, the temperatures are a little warmer than usual this time of year.  If you take a drive, you can’t help but notice the large number of hummingbird feeders that are already out and running, as expectant birders axiously await the first winged jewel to greet them.

Nature, however, has a way of bringing reality back to our busy lives. You see, winter is not over yet.  Sure, the calender says it’s Spring.  But, here in New England, if you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute.  For forecasts for the next week are overnight temperatures in the low 20’s.  That’s freezing weather.  It will easily freeze and crack any water devices such as birdbaths and nectar feeders. 

Take care, folks.  Be sure that if you wish to hang your nectar feeders out this early, be sure to watch those overnight temperatures.  You may want to bring in these water sources until you can be sure that all freezing is completely over.  Let’s see, around here, that could be late April!    I’ve seen it happen………….

Enjoy your birds.  Be the first to let us know when the hummingbirds and orioles arrive in your backyard.  Send us a comment and be sure to include your city and state so that we can let everyone know when theirs will arrive!