There are times when we feel the birds just don’t appreciate our efforts.  After all, we spend a lot of time and expense to make available to our feathered friends the best feeders and bird seed for their survival.   During winter, we come to expect daily visits from the backyard birds that have always entertained us.  When we have days with no bird sightings, we worry……we fret………..we wonder.  Are they all right, has something terrible happened to them?  Have I done something wrong to offend them?   Has someone else provided better food than I? 

Not to worry!   Keep in mind a rooted fact about wild birds.  They have been around for thousands of years.  Backyard bird feeding has only been a popular hobby for about 2 decades.   Wild birds have fended for themselves long before they visited our bird feeders, and will continue to rely on natural food supplies as their primary source of food.  Our backyards are but one of dozens of food sources available.   Birds never rely on just one food source for survival.  They constantly search out new food sources, weather permitting.

During the winter months, your backyard birds have already categorized all existing, natural food sources that they found during the preceding autumn season.  Mild winters mean that wild birds have an easy access to winter food sources that snow and ice have not hidden.  Most likely, these will be found in woods and forest.  These environments are the natural habitats for wild birds, not our backyards.  

So, if you are experiencing a mild winter season, try to understand that your birds may just be enjoying the easy season in the comfort and safety of their natural environment.   Not to worry, though.   More snow and ice are sure to arrive, bringing along the wild birds that we miss so much. 

In the meantime, don’t forget that spring is around the corner!   Plan now for your warm season friends to arrive.  Take each day as it comes and enjoy your backyard birds!

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