Many homeowners are upgrading their decks to the less-maintenance Trek and PVC products available in today’s home and garden centers.   These are a wonderful addition to any home.  Practically no cares or worries about splinters, fading or aging cracks and splits.   These new materials come in a wide range of colors to match most homes.

Be careful, however, how you treat that PVC railing or post.   Most of the PVC products being used for railings are hollow.  This makes the product extremely lightweight and less expensive than other products that have a wooden core.   You can not use clamp-on iron poles or brackets on these lightweight, hollow products.    Unfortunately for one of our customers, they did not think before trying to do just that.

Their old deck was made of pressure-treated lumber and they wanted to upgrade to the latest PVC deck railings.  When the contractor finished the new deck, this customer simply used the same clamp-on iron poles they had purchased from us for their previous deck.   As they tightened the clamp, the brand new hollow railing crushed under the pressure.   Of course, this home owner was devastated.

Be sure about the materials your deck railing are made of before adding any new poles systems.  You can save yourself a lot of aggravation if you do.

Hope this helps.

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