It’s that time of year to stay goodbye to our nectar feeders.  Our hummingbirds and orioles have left for warmer climates.  We use this time to give our hummingbird feeders and oriole feeders a complete cleaning.  By this, I mean taking the feeders apart, soaking them overnight in a solution of denture cleaner.  That’s right, we use good old denture tablets to finish our cleaning of all our nectar feeders.

You see, any sugar/water solution turns rapidly to a sticky, molasses-type liquid that clings to any surface.  After using your hummingbird and oriole feeders for the past 6 months, this liquid is harder to remove than that bathtub ring at home.   Once the nectar season ends, disassemble all hummingbird and oriole feeders completely.  Remove any traces of remaining nectar using soap and water.  Then fill a bucket with water, add your denture tablets and place all feeder parts inside this bucket.

The next day, you can remove the feeder parts from the bucket with the denture cleaner water and rinse thoroughly.  Be sure the feeders are dry before you store them away for the winter.  Come spring, your nectar feeders will be ready for the new arrivals in super clean condition.

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Enjoy your birds, today.  Looks like snow in the forecast.  Now, where are those snow birds??  (Do you know the name of these birds?)