Around this time of year, fall migration, we receive a number of calls about gathering flocks of what some may call “nuisance birds.”  Now, depending on your outlook, this category of birds could include pigeons.  If you are dismayed from the large number of pigeons in your backyard, here are a few suggestions.

  1. Keep your backyard feeding stations free from seed mixes that contain corn, millet or milo.  You will usually find these ingredients in your less expensive mixes.  These are the favorite food choices of many ground birds, including pigeons.
  2. Keep the grounds under your feeders clean.  You may have to rake up the areas each day until the offending flock has moved on.
  3. Use only tube feeders, store your hopper feeders inside for now.  If the pigeons still can land on the perches on your tube feeders, consider cutting the perches to about 1″ in length.  This will allow small, clinging birds with the only access.
  4. Do not use human table scraps for ground feeding.  This encourages pigeons the most.
  5. Consider feeders that are specifically design for small birds only, they really do the job of keeping large birds from being to able to land.
  6. Lastly, if all else fails, remove all food sources for about 2-3 weeks.  Without the reward of food, birds simply move on.

For many people, however, the sight of any birds is cause for celebration.  If there is one truth about backyard bird feeding, it’s that each person has their favorite bird.   Our job is to assist you in attracting your favorite bird to visit your world. 

Enjoy your weekend, but mostly, enjoy your backyard birds!

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