We are having a cloudy day here in NH.  Our birds are eating up a storm with most of our customers.  Many calls about flocking starlings, grackles, blackbirds and crows.   Do they know something is coming?

If these flocks, which can number is the hundreds, are causing some stress on your feeders, we can offer a couple of suggestions.  Use only tube feeders for now, until the flocks move on.   Tube feeders with short perches can be difficult for larger birds to grip onto.  If your perches are too long, consider cutting them to less than 1″ long.  Your small, clinging birds such as chickdees, titmice, finches, etc will have no problem using small perches as they eat.

Check your seed choices.  Do not offer the cheaper seed mixes filled with millet, milo or corn.  These ingredients are the favorite food groups for starlings and grackles.   While they may eat other ingredients, you certainly shouldn’t offer the favorite foods to birds you choose not to entertain.

After about two weeks, the above suggestions should encourage the nuisance birds to move on to an area that will accomodate the flock.  When that happens, you can go back to your regular feeding routines.

Enjoy your weekend, but mostly, enjoy your backyard birds!

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